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Steam Trap Audits

SH-2000 Series Superheat Traps
Bimetallic steam traps for superheat conditions
For pressures to 400 psig (28 bar) ...
Cold water capacities to 4800 lb/hr (2175 kg/hr)

What's Involved

Our experienced factory-certified technicians will complete the following:

  • Every steam trap located will be identified
  • Each trap will be tested to determine its operating conditions
  • Notes will be made of specific problems, such as water hammer, poor or missing insulation, steam leaks, etc
  • Provide “on the job training” to those plant personnel who are assisting

What You Get

All your information is entered into Armstrong's web based SteamStar software, which generates:

  1. Executive Report

    Complete with charts and Graphs

    • Trap Type Summary
    • Manufacturer Summary
    • Application Summary
    • Total Annualized Summary
    • Steam Loss
    • Monetary Loss
    • Repair Costs
    • Net Savings
    • Payback timeframe
    • Condition-Summary
  2. Defective Trap Report

    Listing of all defective traps - Blow-through, Leaking and Plugged

  3. Recommendations Report

    Complete listing of all failed traps including suggested method of repair

  4. Log Sheet Data Report

    Complete listing of all steam traps

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